Wolf’s Netflix Show

Comedian Michelle Wolf was hardly a household name before Saturday night’s White House Correspondents’ Association dinner. Yet, the notoriety she earned from one 20-minute performance on C-SPAN may have made her career.

At the very least, it probably has done more than any big-budget promotional campaign to draw attention to her new show on Netflix.

The Break with Michelle Wolf, a weekly half-hour comedy series, will debut Sunday, May 27, on the streamer, with new episodes each Sunday.

Fans of The Daily Show with Trevor Noah and Late Night with Seth Meyers already know Wolf, thanks to her on-air bits and work as a writer. The new show promises sketches, jokes and celebrities.

Will President Trump be watching?

If you missed Wolf’s controversial roasting of Trumplandia, Congress and the Washington media, here’s your chance to find out why she stuck in the presidential craw:

As for the Netflix show, will Trump be able to take credit for good ratings?

More Presidential tweets like this can’t hurt:

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