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(Above: GWNe’s Michelle Jubilee)

Gamer World News Entertainment (GWNe), a free streaming “news network” covering only eSports and gaming, has launched.

GWNe offers 12 on-demand channels, whose titles give a good idea of the range of content being covered:  eSports News, Global Gamer News, Girls of the Game, Mobile News, Tech Report, VR Report, Gossip Rumors & Reviews, Health & Psych ReportPoint/Counterpoint, Tips & Tricks, Exclusive Interviews, and Teams, Leagues & Publishers.

The service is particularly touting The Fall Out, an upcoming original series “inspired by some of the most popular post-apocalyptic video games, including Metro, Wasteland, Borderland, Fallout4 and Deux Ex.”

GWNe’s on-air talent includes Michelle Jubilee, Andrew Anderson, Sheri Nadel, Brian Hanford, Jordy Altman, Tian Wang and Rob “Capt. Rob” Steinberg, with the latter two battling in Point-Counterpoint:

If so much content for free sounds too good to be true, note  that GWNe’s “multi-faceted, long-term business model…includes advertising, sponsorships, syndicated content, special events, strategic partnerships and branded merchandise” — and that the service “will soon offer premium insider admission for special access to elite gamer content.”

You can currently find Gamer World News Entertainment for free on the web, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV and Roku. Access is promised soon for iOS, Android, Xbox and Playstation.

For more info and to view GWNe videos, visit

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