Pokémon 1,000

‘Pokémon the Series,’ the animated show that has entertained a generation of children, airs its 1,000th episode this Saturday.

This seems to be the weekend for TV milestones.

On Sunday, April 29, The Simpsons will surpass Gunsmoke as the “longest-running primetime scripted show” in US television history.

The Simpsons will air its 636th episode, overtaking Gunsmoke at 635.

But there’s an import that beats them both — by a mile.

Pokémon the Series, the animated show featuring the adventures of Ash and Pikachu, will air its 1,000th episode on Disney XD on Saturday, April 28, at 9 am ET/PT. At that time, the episode will also be available on demand via DisneyNow, available online and on apps from iTunes, Roku, Amazon and Google Play.

The DisneyNow app is ad-supported and free to use for anyone who gets Disney XD through cable, telco, satellite, YouTube TV, DirecTVNow, PlayStation Vue or Hulu Live.

In the special episode, “The Professors’ New Adventure,” the heroes return to the Pokémon School following a trip through the Ultra Wormhole. Professor Kukui asks Professor Burnet to marry him but they aren’t planning a ceremony. “But our heroes have other ideas…a surprise ceremony awaits!”

There’s also action. “Lusamine asks the Pokémon School class to join the Ultra Guardians-a group that protects Alola from Ultra Beasts.”

Episode 1,000 is part of the latest season, Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon-Ultra Adventures, set in the tropical Alola region. The show, which premiered in 1997, is now in its 21st season.

Other Streaming Options

If you wish to stream this or previous seasons without access to DisneyNow, the options are limited – and a bit complicated.

You can rent single episodes from seasons 1-4 for $2.99, or entire seasons for $21.99 each, from Amazon. Hulu subscribers can watch seasons 14-16 (142 episodes total). Netflix subscribers can stream season 19 only.

There’s also free streaming of the first two episodes of season 21 and a handful of other installments from seasons past at the Pokemon website.

For those who might not remember, Pokémon trading cards once seemed to be on every child’s wish list. The Pokémon franchise launched in Japan in 1996 and quickly became an international sensation, expanding to television, video games and an array of other products. More recently, of course, the augmented reality game Pokémon Go became a phenomenon.

You can visit the official Pokémon website at pokemon.com.

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