‘Cyberchase’ Earth Day

(Above: ‘Cyberchase.’ Source: YouTube screenshot)

This week the children’s math series Cyberchase has been unveiling five episodes, one per day, in celebration of Earth Day this coming Sunday.

You can find the series on local PBS stations and the PBS Kids’ 24-hour over-the-air channel. (Check local listings for air times).

Taxi alum Christopher Lloyd voices “The Hacker” and the unmistakable Gilbert Gottfried is “Digit” in this show “designed to inspire children ages 6-8 to approach math with enthusiasm, confidence and a “can-do” attitude.”

In the Earth Day episodes, the CyberSquad embarks on “new adventures involving green roofs, invasive species, renewable resources, citizen science, water conservation, data collection, measurement, estimation and more.”

The Earth Day-themed episodes are:

“Housewarming Party” – The CyberSquad must help the Three Pigs whose house is warming thanks to a battle between Hacker and Wicked. Topics: green roofs, temperature measurement, estimation. Debuted April 16.

“Invasion of the Funky Flower” – Hacker brings a “funky flower” to Gardenia, “a gorgeous garden cybersite. “The CyberSquad races against time to find ways to stop” the invasive species. Topics: invasive species, linear measurement with non-standard units. Debuted April 17.

“A Renewable Hope” – “Hacker has finally captured those Earth kids on the Wreaker!” Out of fuel, however, he is forced to land on the nearest cybersite, Ekardia, “an eerie place with no one in sight and no way to contact anyone.” Hacker asks for “the CyberSquad’s help so they can all get back home.” Topics: renewable and nonrenewable natural resources, timelines. Debuts today, April 18.

“The Migration Situation” – “Bird lovers across Cyberspace have arrived at the Migration Celebration – a magical event where the rare teal-footed trillers flock once every five years. But when the trillers are a no-show,” Professor Bobson and kids “recruit dozens of citizen scientists” to investigate. Topics: citizen science, data representation & interpretation. Debuts Thursday, April 19.

“Back to Canalia’s Future” – “The water levels in Canalia, a beautiful cybersite connected by canals, keep getting lower, but Canalians don’t see the problem.” Pearl and the CyberSquad travel back in time “to see how much higher the water levels were then, and the kids promise to help convince Canalians to change their water-wasting ways.” But then Hacker steals their time machine. “Can the kids get the time machine back before Hacker resets the course of cyberhistory? And can Canalians be convinced to protect their future by changing the present?” Topics: water conservation, capacity, estimation. Debuts Friday, April 20.

The Earth Day episodes will also be available for streaming via the PBS Kids websitevideo app and YouTube channel, where you can find episodes from previous seasons.

Cyberchase, in its 11th season, is produced by Thirteen Productions for WNET.



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