New Acorn Crime Dramas

(Above: Alexandra Roach and Elaine Cassidy in ‘No Offence’)

Acorn TV on Monday will debut crime dramas from two of Britain’s top TV writers: Paul Abbott (Shameless) and Lynda La Plante (Prime Suspect).

Abbott’s No Offence is a humor-tinged, female-driven police procedural, set on the wrong side of the tracks in Manchester. Acorn will offer the show’s first season (eight episodes), which follows the “hotchpotch of committed cops’ as they investigate the serial murders of young girls with Down’s Syndrome. Joanna Scanlan, Elaine Cassidy and Alexandra Roach star.

No Offence premiered on the UKs Channel 4 in 2015. A second season, centering on the investigation of a crime boss, aired last year. A third season, focusing on political unrest caused by far-right activists, will run later this year. Acorn TV has not said when the other seasons will launch in the US.

Killer Net, a four-episode miniseries about the possible connection between a group of online gamers and a murder, also ran on Channel 4 – but way back in 1998! Starring Tam Williams, Paul Bettany, Emily Woof and Jason Orange, the show seems to have developed something of a cult following, at one point even generating a MST3K-style “sing-along” site “highlighting some of the very worst lines, most gratuitous nudity, bizarrest technical errors, and just some funny things that you can shout at the screen.”

The sing-along site still exists, so get ready for some fun even if you’re not an Acorn subscriber – because we’ve got the entire 20-year-old gem for you right here:

If you’d like to stream both No Offence and Killer Net, subscribe to Acorn TV for $4.99 monthly or $49.99 for a year, with a seven-day free trial. But, in honor of another Acorn series, Midsomer Murders, enter promo code MIDSOMER on the service’s sign-up page to get a 30-day free trial instead!

You can stream Acorn TV online, and on Apple TV, Roku, iOS, Android or Chromecast. For more info, visit

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