Finding ‘Lost in Space’

With Netflix’s 10-episode reboot of Lost in Space debuting tomorrow, April 13, viewers may want to catch up on – or compare it with — the classic sci-fi title’s previous incarnations.

For the uninitiated, all versions (live-action ones, that is) feature the Robinsons, a space-traveling family trying to return to Earth. Most, but not all, also include the villainous Dr. Smith and a robot known simply as The Robot.

Netflix itself also offers its subscribers the 1998 feature film, but not the original 1965-1968 CBS series. Those 83 episodes spanning three seasons are available to Hulu subscribers and, free with ads, to anyone at Yahoo View. You can also watch the series Saturday nights/Sunday mornings at 2 am ET on MeTV, available free with an antenna hooked up to your TV set. (For the channel number in your area, consult MeTV’s Where to Watch page.)

Here are short trailers for the new series (focusing on Parker Posey as the villainous Dr. Smith), the 1998 movie and the ’60s series:

You can also stream three Lost In Space pilots.

First, the CBS series, which was conceived a bit differently than what finally ended up on air:

Next, The Robinsons: Lost in Space, an unsold and unaired 2004 pilot for a proposed reboot on The WB:

Finally, a 1973 pilot for a Lost in Space animated series, which aired as an episode of ABC’s The New Saturday Superstar Movie:

You can stream the new Lost in Space starting tomorrow on Netflix.


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