The Story of Iran

(Above: ‘The Third Path.’ Source: YouTube screenshot)

Aside from news of geopolitical conflict, westerners don’t hear – or know – much about Iran.

Archival, a “multimedia” website “specializing in entertainment about world history and anthropology for international audiences,” hopes to change that.

Archival just debuted The Third Path, a 12-part docuseries narrated by journalist Rudi Bakhtiar that covers Iran’s history “from empire to ruin to empire.”

Filmmaker Shannon Niehus is producer, writer and director for the series that “aims to educate audiences” with “commentary from top scholars in the fields of Islamic studies, military history, modern literature and sociology from … Oxford, Cambridge, St. Andrews, Exeter, Harvard, Yale, Princeton, CUNY and universities.”

“It’s a complicated place and society, so instead of us reducing that to the lowest common denominator, we should embrace that complexity,” said Dr. Najam Haider, assistant professor of Islamic Studies and History at Columbia University and Barnard College, who is featured in The Third Path.

So far, just three episodes are available for purchase. The cost is $3.99 per episode or $10.99 per “season,” which consists of thoe three episodes. The entire 12-episode series will be available for $39. Future episode release dates were not provided.

For more information, visit archivalinstitute.

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