Tango Lessons Online

You can now stream tango lessons direct from Argentina – for $19 a month, following a seven-day trial.

Start dancing at DanceTangoTV, which just launched at DanceTangoTV.com. Classes are offered in all skill levels, from absolute beginner to advanced. You can also choose classes by teacher or topic (which include waltz and milonga, defined as a dance party, in addition to tango).

“DanceTangoTV was conceived for all levels of dancers, but specifically for those who don’t have access to quality tango teachers, or if making the trek to Buenos Aires to study with the masters just isn’t a realistic option,” said Angel Prince, CEO of DanceTangoTV.

DanceTangoTV is based not only in Buenos Aires and New York, but also Hawaii, which explains why the service’s launch party will be held at the Honoka‘a People’s Theatre. If you live on Hawaii Island, or will be vacationing there on  Saturday, April 21, why not experience a real milonga in person? If you’ve been taking your lessons, you should fit right in!


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