Patton vs. Putin?

Was General George S. Patton, who led US Army forces to victory in World War II, murdered following the war as part of a conspiracy to silence his criticism of the Soviet Union?

That possibility is strongly suggested in Silence Patton: The First Victim of the Cold War, a documentary available via Vimeo starting Tuesday, April 3, at 7 pm ET. Price is $3.99 for a 24-hour rental.

In addition to Patton’s fatal car accident in Germany, the film tackles such other questions as “why our most successful general was held back with his troops when victory in Europe was within our grasp. Why was he was ordered to stand down and let the Red Army take Berlin? Why was his fiery rhetoric against politicians and commanding generals ignored?”

Patton vs. Putin?

According to the film’s synopsis, “Patton was a triumphant warrior who warned — loudly and insistently — that leaving Eastern Europe in Soviet hands, despite Stalin’s peaceful pledges, would betray an American promise. The tragedies of the Cold War that followed proved him right. And though the Berlin Wall would eventually fall, once again, with Putin in power, Russia looms as a formidable enemy.”

Prefer to see a film about the end of Patton’s life minus conspiracy theories?

In the 1986 CBS movie The Last Days of Patton, George C. Scott reprises his Oscar-winning role 16 years after Patton. Stream it on Amazon Prime or right here:

Patton itself, which also won Best Picture and five other Oscars, is available from $2.99 at Amazon, Vudu and other providers.

For the real-life Patton, we’ve got the following clip, which includes narrator Ronald Reagan offering a straightforward, conspiracy-free, account of the general’s death:

Silence Patton writer/director Robert Orlando’s previous documentary  Apostle Paul: A Polite Bribe (2014), about “how one man defied the very followers of Jesus himself [to keep] the early Christian movement together,” is also available from Vimeo. Price is $3.99 for a 72-hour rental.

Orlando’s film could provide good companion viewing to Paul, Apostle of Christ, a dramatic version of the story that’s now playing in theaters.




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