‘ReBoot’ Reruns, Reboots

(Above: ‘ReBoot,’ original cast)

ReBoot, a pioneering 1990s’ computer-animated series that took place inside a computer, returns on two fronts this week.

Shout Factory TV’s Twitch channel will rerun all 47 episodes of the original ReBoot this Wednesday and Thursday, followed by a 20-episode Netflix reboot of ReBoot on Friday.

While the original ReBoot is perhaps best known as the first TV series to be completely computer-animated, the Netflix offering, officially titled ReBoot: The Guardian Code, is largely a live-action affair.

Both series feature four main characters who fight off evil.

The original ReBoot takes place inside Mainframe, where Guardian Bob, sister and brother Dot and Enzo, and dog Frisket fend off attacks from superviruses Megabyte and Hexadecimal.

In ReBoot: The Guardian Code, four high school students are whisked into the Internet where they “hone their skills as cyber-superheroes in a series of secret missions to save the world.”

Shout Factory TV’s 24-hour ReBoot marathon, which begins Wednesday at 6 pm ET, will not only include all the original episodes, but also two special features: Fast Forward: The Making of ReBoot and Alpha Numeric: Looking Back at ReBoot.

Can’t wait? You can see the entire series right now at both Shout Factory TV and Tubi TV. Here’s episode one:

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