2022: Nets Will Stream

(Above: CBS All Access, CBS’ standalone subscription streaming service)

All major TV networks will launch standalone direct-to-consumer (DTC) streaming services by 2022, according to industry analyst firm The Diffusion Group.

“Major networks will increasingly reserve their best titles for their own direct-to-consumer services, which will help drive total network DTC subscriptions close to 50 million by 2022,” said Mike Berkley, TDG senior advisor and author of the new report The Future of Direct-to-Consumer Video Services – Analysis & Forecasts, 2018-2028.

The firm notes that HBO and CBS introduced the industry’s first direct-to-consumer services, and that each now has 5 million subscribers. Disney and ESPN have also announced plans for DTC streamers.

Berkley cautioned, though, that “the legacy model is built upon decades of comfortable relationships between networks and operators. If networks extract too much high-value content too quickly, channel conflicts are inevitable.”

For more information, visit The Diffusion Group.


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