‘Countdown to Calvary’

Lord Grantham’s also a theologian?

Yes, Hugh Bonneville – who played Robert Crawley, the Earl of Grantham, on Downton Abbey – graduated in theology from Cambridge, and now puts that knowledge to work in a one-hour documentary, Jesus: Countdown to Calvary.

Filmed in Jerusalem, the show explores the historical context of the last six days of Jesus’ life. “I’m not going to chart the religion that grew out of these events, “said Bonneville. “I’m interested in the events themselves: What happened in that final week of Jesus’ life, how he died, why he died and who killed him.”

Jesus: Countdown to Calvary is being distributed to public TV stations starting today. To find if, when and where you can watch it locally, visit aptonline.org/catalog/Jesus-Countdown-to-Calvary and enter your zip code.

The documentary was co-produced by American Public Television (APT), Europe’s ARTE and Ireland’s RTÉ.

According to APT, the show “is framed as a high-stakes political thriller, a clock counting down each critical moment from Palm Sunday to Good Friday.”

Jesus: Countdown to Calvary also features Prof. Helen Bond (University of Edinburgh); Profs. Paula Fredriksen and Ronny Reich (Hebrew University, Jerusalem), author of From Jesus to Christ; Dr. Zuleika Rodgers (Trinity College, Dublin); Amit Re’em (Israeli Institute of Archaeology); Fr. Gregory Tatum OP (École Biblique, Jerusalem); and Amos Oz, author of the novel Judas.

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