‘Bad Days’ for Trump

(Above: An animated President Trump having a ‘Bad Day,’ now on TrumpTV.com. Source: YouTube screenshot)

Donald Trump likes to say he’s best at – and has the most of – just about everything.

He could be right – when it comes to animation. When all is said and done, he may go down as the US president with the most cartoon doppelgangers in history.

Last month, Showtime debuted the 10-episode animated series Our Cartoon President. The show, executive produced by Stephen Colbert, Chris Licht and R.J. Fried, “follows the tru-ish misadventures” of the President “and his merry band of advisors and family members.” You can watch the premiere for free on The Savvy Screener. The rest of the series (four episodes so far) can be streamed with a Showtime subscription.

Another entry is TrumpTV.com, a new site featuring 20-second snippets, sans dialogue, of the president having, well, a bad day.

For example, here’s Trump choosing the wrong spray-tan can:

TrumpTV.com is now home to five episodes, all of which were released last July on the MarvelousTV YouTube channel as part of the Bad Days Celebrities series. TrumpTV.com looks spartan, more of a portfolio reel than a branded show site. However, additional episodes are said to be in the offing – and the Bad Days series from which it springs is a viral sensation.

Bad Days started in 2012 with the two-minute short Disassembled, depicting several little mishaps in the Marvel Universe. This got the attention of Marvel’s Stan Lee, who asked for more cartoons for the MarvelousTV YouTube channel.

Bad Days has since depicted super heroes, villains and other celebrities “on one of the worst days of their lives.”

Here’s episode one of the Amazing Spider-Man having a bad day:

The Spider-Man short has garnered 24.8 million views since its 2012 posting.

The Bad Days brand is currently owned and operated by FabTV.com.

To watch more Bad Days episodes, visit Marvelous TV on YouTube.

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