‘Is That Chris Ramsey?’

Is That … Chris Ramsey?

Why, yes it is … and you can watch it now, for free, right here or on YouTube.

In the 72-minute performance, recorded at Newcastle’s Metro Arena during his 2017 Is That … Chris Ramsey? tour, the British stand-up comedian discusses the “challenges of new fatherhood, remaining a child at heart, and being wrongly arrested by a crack police squad while still in his underpants.”

For those unfamiliar with Ramsey’s comic CV, he starred in two British shows, among other projects. He played Jack on the sitcom Hebburn on BBC2, co-starring Vic Reeves; and appeared as himself, with his wife Rose, on Married to a Celebrity: The Survival Guide and Parenting for Idiots on Channel 4.

Here’s a clip of Ramsey on Parenting for Idiots:

This year, Ramsey will embark on his Chris Ramsey Live 2018: The Just Happy To Get Out of the House Tour throughout the UK.

There’s no word on when he might bring his act to the US.

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