The Zen of Streaming

(Above: Window Channel Network’s ‘Water.’ Source: YouTube screenshot)

Perusing the latest selections of the online St. Lawrence International Film Festival (SLIFF), a monthly showcase of short films and web series, we were intrigued by Water, a four-minute tour of worldwide glaciers, waterfalls, beaches and rivers from something called the Window Channel Network:.

We next visited Window Channel’s website, where we discovered that the network’s 11 channels of “transformational videos for mind, body and spirit” are available over Amazon Prime!

The channels include:

  • Ventana (“calm and stress relief”),  Scenery (“relaxation”);
  • Postcard (again, “relaxing”);
  • Symphony Square (“with music for all the senses”);
  • YoCalm (“meditation”);
  • Dreamwell (“photos and white noise designed for sleep”);
  • Video Wallpaper (“slow tv for background ambience”);
  • Nature (“inspiring nature videos with original music scores”);
  • Spirit “inspirational spiritual nature videos”), and;
  • Kids (“relaxation videos for all age groups and attention spans”).

But we first went to Window Channel’s “WCN on Amazon” page, which highlighted three new videos from the service’s Sleepwell Channel, designed for sleep and deep meditation.

So we’ve had the audio of one of those videos — 10 hours long and aptly titled Gentle Tropical Afternoon Rain for relaxation, sleep, insomnia and meditation 10 hours medium-dark screen — playing in the background since we started writing this article.

That video is supposed to help you “relax or drift off to sleep.” Other recent videos include….Oh, never mind. Too tired to continue writing right now!


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