‘The Last Rhino’ on PBS

The Last Rhino, a one-hour documentary airing tonight on PBS, tells the history of the very last male Northern White Rhinoceros.

The rhino’s name is Sudan. He is 43 years old and half-blind, “living out his days under the 24-hour watch of an armed guard, on a protective sanctuary in Kenya.”

The documentary, directed by Rowan Deacon and produced by Liz Kempton, tells Sudan’s “harrowing journey …, from when he was snatched as a calf from his mother’s side in war-torn Central Africa, to his captivity as a prized exhibit in a cold, concrete zoo behind the Iron Curtain while poaching devastated his kind to extinction back home.”

Today, scientists and experts are using “technology in a race against time to save this majestic rhino subspecies whose origins date back at least five million years.”

The Last Rhino, part of PBS’ Nature series, is a co-production of Thirteen Productions and BBC Studios.

The episode will air at 8 pm ET, but check local listings. The Last Rhino will also soon be available to stream at the Nature website, where you can also find previous episodes.


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