Need a Life Coach?

(Above: Lisa Haisha)

Looking for a life coach?

Life coach, self-help expert and author Lisa Haisha has launched a 15-episode half-hour series, SoulBlazing with Lisa Haisa, on Amazon Prime.

The show features interviews with people who have excelled in their fields and “overcome obstacles to achieve success.”

Guests include actors Harry Hamlin and Maria Conchita Alonso, Two and a Half Men co-creator Lee Aronsohn, Motown producer and manager Kerry Gordy, and radio host/motivational speaker Dr. Sarah Larson.

“SoulBlazing” refers to “Haisha’s unique form of interactive life coaching which she uses when speaking to audiences around the world and coaching her client base of celebrities and business leaders.”

“A lot can be learned by listening to others and how their behaviors, actions, strategies and philosophies lead to success,” said Haisha. “What viewers will find is there are a lot of common denominators and similar approaches among these people, which provide a solid foundation and, in some cases, a complete blueprint that others can use to accomplish goals and live a fulfilling life.”

You can stream SoulBlazing with Lisa Haisha with an Amazon Prime subscription; purchase individual episodes for 99 cents in SD and $1.99 in HD; or buy the entire season for $11.99 in SD or $24.99 in HD.

Want free advice?

If you’re looking for a more no-frills approach to life coaching, there’s Dick Sturgeon.

The Dick Sturgeon: Life Coach series features the eponymous, self-appointed self-help expert, along with his assistant Stacey, dispensing advice to people in his car.

You can watch all three episodes of that series for free, right here. (Note: Dick Sturgeon is neither a licensed therapist nor driver.)

Episode One: “Dick Sturgeon: Life Coach”

Episode Two: “The Importance of Communication”

Episode Three: “Boundaries”



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