MoviePass’ Sweeter Deal?

Movie-theater subscription service MoviePass and indie subscription streamer Fandor have introduced a new discounted bundle to woo more customers.  But is it a better deal than you can already get through Costco?

For $115.35 annually ($7.95 a month plus a 19.95 processing fee), new subscribers can see one movie (excluding films presented in 3D or IMAX) per day in theaters for the entire year, plus have unlimited access to Fandor’s library of more than 5,000 independent films, documentaries, international features and shorts.

The limited time offer is available only to new subscribers and the annual fee must be paid in advance.

MoviePass had been charging $9.95 a month. Fandor’s standalone subscription rate is $10 per month or $90 annually.

You can subscribe to the new plan at

But wait …

Last year, MoviePass and Fandor introduced a special annual bundle rate of $89.99 for Costco members, which was later extended to non-members who registered on Costco’s site. The offer to non-members was scheduled to expire January 10. But did it?

The Savvy Screener visited, registered on the site, and was able to add the $89.99 MoviePass/Fandor plan to its shopping cart without paying for a Costco membership. We did not complete the purchase by handing over our credit card and shipping information, but it appeared we could have secured the special MoviePass subscription rate as a non-Costco member.

Conclusion: If you’re thinking about buying the MoviePass/Fandor bundle, you might want to try first, whether you’re a member or not, to see if you can get the better deal.

MoviePass, which covers more than 4,000 theaters and more than 36,000 screens, claims that it now “drives more than 5% of the total nationwide box office.”

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