Stephanie Abrams Travels

(Above: Travel show host Stephanie Abrams on location in Malta. Source: YouTube screenshot)

Is Stephanie Abrams, the long-time meteorologist on The Weather Channel, also a travel expert?

That’s what we surmised upon learning about Travel TV with Stephanie Abrams, a one-hour weekly show debuting this Sunday, February 4, on free over-the-air channel BizTV.

But it turns out this is a completely different Stephanie Abrams, whom we’ll call Stephanie “Gotta Fly Now” Abrams, based on her sign-off at the end of the first episode, which you can view here in its entirety:

“Gotta Fly Now” Abrams has been hosting a three-hour weekly radio show Travel with Stephanie Abrams for the past 16 years, and previously hosted a TV show called JetSet411.

Travel TV with Stephanie Abrams will air 5 pm Sundays on BizTV, which you can watch free with an over-the-air antenna in New York (channel 13.3), Los Angeles (8.4), Dallas/Ft. Worth (55.6), Atlanta (12.7), Boston (24.1) and other markets. To find them and channel numbers, visit RabbitEars. Episodes will also be posted on Stephanie Abrams’ Travel Blog.

Meanwhile, the other Stephanie Abrams (right) continues to co-host The Weather Channel’s morning show AMHQ, 6 am – 9 am weekdays. You can stream The Weather Channel without a cable or satellite subscription through DirecTVNow or FuboTV.

Stephanie “Weather” Abrams, incidentally, sometimes also dispenses travel advice, as in this recent Forbes article.

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