X-Rayed Pyramids

Current HUD Secretary and former Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson once gave a commencement speech musing that Old Testament figure Joseph built the Egyptian pyramids to store grain.  When video of his comments surfaced during the 2016 campaign, it raised quite a stir.

Scanning The Pyramids, a 90-minute film premiering tonight on CuriosityStream, seeks to go beyond mere speculation by using “groundbreaking new cosmic ray technology and 3D virtual reality” to detect “voids inside Pharaoh Khufu’s 45-story pyramid.”

The scanning techniques “have allowed us to virtually ‘x-ray’ the massive monument and locate possible unknown chambers that may yet solve the mystery of how the pyramids were built,” said Steve Burns, CuriosityStream’ s chief programming officer.

“Khufu was an important and long-serving pharaoh, yet nothing has ever been found inside his tomb, The Great Pyramid,” said Burns. “Could these new chambers hold his hidden treasure? The potential is extremely provocative.”

Parts of the documentary — which was produced in collaboration with Bonne Pioche Productions, Thirteen Productions for WNET, Japan’s NHK, and France Television — are also included in a 55-minute episode of the PBS series Secrets of The Dead.

You can watch that episode for free at PBS.org.

The CuriosityStream version will include an extra 35 minutes of exclusive material.

Shot in Ultra HD 4K, Scanning the Pyramids premieres tonight at 10 pm ET on CuriosityStream and will also be available on demand.

The service offers subscription plans starting at $2.99/month, after a week-long free trial. You can get more info or subscribe at CuriosityStream.com,  or via iOS, Android, RokuAmazon Fire TVApple TV, Xbox One, Amazon Prime, Sling TV, VRV or smart TVs.

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