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The Savvy Screener reported Tuesday on research revealing the mass adoption of connected TV (CTV) devices in the US market.

According to a YuMe survey, 74% of US viewers say they use a connected TV device daily, with an average of three CTV devices per household. Streaming media player ownership also increased – by 1.5 times – with an average of two streaming devices per household.

As with other types of online devices, the ubiquity of CTV brings with it concerns about consumer privacy controls, especially where it involves the collection of personal data to tailor ads for individual users.

Tru Optik, a company that helps brands and media companies measure and monetize Over-the-Top (OTT) audiences, has launched OptOut.TV, which is intended to give consumers more control over their data. (OTT refers to video content delivered over the internet).

How does it work? CTV owners can go to OptOut.TV and click on the OptOut button. By doing so, “consumers can now opt out of audience-based OTT targeting at the household level, not just at the individual device or publisher level.”

“OTT and CTV are the future of television,” said Andre Swanston, CEO of Tru Optik. “OptOut.TV … provides a simple way for media companies and advertisers to ensure they are putting consumer privacy at the forefront.”

“As the industry is poised for explosive growth in 2018, it is critical to ensure a positive experience for everyone involved in OTT – from the publishers to the advertisers and most importantly the consumers that are increasingly cutting the cord in favor of OTT/CTV,” Swanston added.

OptOut.TV is not an ad blocker, which means viewers will continue to receive ads, just not ones based on personal data collected over their CTV devices, noted Tru Optik on its website.

CTV devices include smart TVs from companies such as Samsung and LG; gaming consoles including the PS4 and Xbox One; and connected TV devices such as Roku, Android TV and Apple TV.

For more information, visit OptOut.TV.

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