The Real Gorilla Channel

Recent reports of President Trump demanding to watch a 24-hour Gorilla Channel during his first day in office were, indeed, fake news. But we must disagree with The Washington Post and others who declared, “There is no Gorilla Channel.”

That’s because we’ve been happily watching the real Gorilla Channel for the past couple of days. You’ll find it 24/7 on channel 266 of Pluto TV, the content aggregator available free online at, or via multiple devices.

We suspect, however, that someone has quickly “compiled a number of gorilla documentaries into a makeshift gorilla channel” – which is what last week’s misleading tweet claimed the White House staff did.

But thankfully, nobody’s “edited out all the parts of the documentaries where gorillas weren’t hitting each other.” Unlike the fictional Trump, we like our apes, bonobos and silverbacks to stay peaceful.

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Les Luchter is a former managing editor of Multichannel News, editor-in-chief of Cable Marketing, and news editor of Broadcast Week.

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