US Likes CTV A La Carte

US viewers now live in an a la carte, connected TV (CTV) universe.

That’s the picture painted by two new reports –  TiVo Insights 2017 Global Study and a connected TV study from adtech company YuMe.

In a survey of 8,500 viewers across the US, Europe and Latin America, TiVo found that about 90% of households subscribe to pay TV, but more than 60% also pay for streamers like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu.

“Consumers today are acting as their own aggregator, piecing together what they need from a variety of video service and device combinations to suit their individual needs,” said Paul Stathacopoulos, vice president, Strategy, TiVo.

Cord-cutters – a demographic typically motivated by the desire for less expensive, a la carte offerings – are more likely to be found among newer pay TV customers: 10% of respondents who have subscribed for one year or less said they expect to cancel their service in the next six months.

TiVo did note one key regional difference: 75% of all video viewing in the US still occurs on TV sets, compared to 50% in Latin America. Could the US preference for big-screen viewing be driven, at least in part, by the adoption rate of connected TV devices?

Perhaps, given YuMe’s finding that 74% of US viewers say they use a connected TV device daily.

In a survey of more than 2,400 adults, YuMe found that connected TV ownership has nearly doubled in the US since 2013, with an average of three CTV devices per household. Streaming media player ownership also increased – by 1.5 times – with an average of two streaming devices per household.

CTV device ownership (60%) is now more common than tablets (57%), YuMe said. What’s more, only 28% watch TV or films on tablets, and 19% on smartphones.

“We believe CTV devices have become prominent fixtures in the lives of today’s connected consumer,” said Michael Hudes, chief revenue officer, YuMe. “To reach and influence connected consumers, marketers must take into account shifts in device preference and behavior, elevate the role of CTV in cross-screen campaigns, deliver targeted ad campaigns and sync campaigns across platforms.”

For the YuMe study, which was commissioned with audience measurement firm Nielsen, CTV included “internet-to-TV devices” like Roku, Apple TV and Chromecast; “internet-connected Blu-ray players;” all OTT devices; and smart TVs and internet-connected game consoles.

To download the TiVo Insights 2017 Global Study for free, go to TiVo’s website. You can also get YuMe’s study for free at

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