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Blackpills, a streaming video app that produces ‘bingeworthy’ short videos geared to millennials, will launch two series from Adaptive Studios on Wednesday, January 24.

One is a drama-thriller, Simi Valley, and the other is described as an “old-west teen parody” called Townies. Adaptive Studios didn’t say how many episodes would be released for the debut seasons of each series.

Simi Valley stars This is Us’ Darren Barnet “as Chase, a high-school senior who isn’t satisfied with any of the options society has given him for his future.” He therefore decides to start “a small drug-courier service and immersing himself in the criminal underbelly of his mundane suburban town.” Things get out of hand when one of his partners, Mia (Katalina Viteri), is kidnapped by the local drug-kingpin.

The cast also includes Chicago Fire’s Glen Stanton, New Girl’s Michael Vlamis and Straight Outta Compton’s R. Marcos Taylor.

RJ Collins directed and Stephen Mastrocola wrote the series.

Townies, created by writer and comedian Julia Prescott and directed by Matt Enlow, “explores what happens in a spaghetti western flick when you pan away from the cowboys. It’s not about the sheriffs and the cowboys in black hats battling it out, it’s about teens in the throes of puberty. The series swaps shoot-outs for shopping sprees, gun slinging for gossip, and outlaws for pregnancy scares.”

The Powerpuff Girls’ Natalie Palamides plays Boy, a girl “who dreams of being the first hangwoman executioner.” Senior Cut Day: The Movie’s Alex Vaughan plays “rich boy” Abel; Viceland’s Brodie Reed is “teen heartthrob” Jeb; So Random!’s Audrey Whitby is Clementine, the “hottest bitch in town; and American Vandal’s Sean Sekino is “bad-boy bachelor” Colt.

The free, ad-supported Blackpills launched in 2017 with 12 original shows, some of which touted the involvement of such industry notables as Luc Besson, Sharon Horgan, Zoe Cassavetes and Louis Leterrier. It was co-founded by Patrick Holzman, formerly of Canal+International, and Daniel Marhely, founder of Deezer.

Blackpills had already been producing content for its Vice channel. There you can find series such as Twiz and Tuck’s Bucket List and Pillow Talk.

The Blackpills app is available from the Apple App Store and  Google Play.

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