Too Many OTT Choices?

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Too many streaming options?

Perhaps, says Ooyala, a provider of video streaming software and services, in its State of the Broadcast Industry 2018 report.

The report, based on the company’s own data as well as research by other organizations, finds consumers frustrated by “a world in which there may be simply too many choices.”

Millennials, “arguably the key demographic for streaming services, already are overwhelmed with the plethora of options.” Ooyala cites Park Associates’ estimate that there are more than 200 OTT services in just North America. It also notes Hub Entertainment’s finding that 49% of viewers believe there are too many TV programs.

“Consumer frustration will drive improvements in the OTT experience: streamlined authentication, better content curation, personalization and easier search and discovery,” predicted Ooyala.

Meanwhile, the report also mentioned Ericsson’s prediction that mobile video viewing will comprise 75% of mobile data traffic by 2022.

You can download the full report, including citations crediting research providers, for free by registering here.

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