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In memory of Rose Marie, who died yesterday at 94, the following is a reprint of The Savvy Screener’s recent tribute to  the legendary actress:

Wait for Your Laugh, a documentary about 94-year-old Rose Marie, opens theatrically today [November 3] in New York. Its tagline: “The Longest Career in Showbiz History.”

If you see the film and want even more Rose Marie…if you only know the name from her star turn in The Dick Van Dyke Show…or if you just want to learn why they’d make a feature doc about someone you’ve never heard of…then keep reading — and streaming.

Let’s start our survey nearly 90 years ago, with a six-year-old vaudeville singing sensation starring in the 1929 short, Baby Rose Marie: The Child Wonder:

Over her career, Rose Marie has frequently done voiceover work. Here, as a teenager, she stars as jazz singer Sally Swing in a 1938 Betty Boop cartoon:

In her 30s, Rose Marie found a new career on TV sitcoms, first on NBC’s The Bob Cummings Show, aka Love That Bob, for 10 episodes during the 1958-1959 season:

Two seasons later, she was a regular on CBS’ My Sister Eileen:

When that series was cancelled after one season, Rose Marie jumped immediately into her five-season run as Sally Rogers on CBS’ The Dick Van Dyke Show, for which she received three Emmy nominations as best supporting actress. Netflix and Hulu subscribers can binge on all 158 episodes of the series. You can also watch it over the air Tuesday through Saturday mornings at 4 am ET on Cozi TV. Here’s the episode, “Romance Roses and Rye Bread”:

Rose Marie’s next regular TV role was during two seasons of CBS’ The Doris Day Show. Amazon Prime subscribers can stream her 50 episodes – plus another three seasons of the series.

Among her countless other TV appearances, Rose Marie was seen in more than 600 episodes of NBC’s The Hollywood Squares. Here she is, from 1965, in the original pilot:

For many more Rose Marie videos, visit her YouTube site, HoldTheRoses.

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