#2: Old House Insider

This week, we’ve been counting down the The Savvy Screener’ s five most popular stories of 2017. Number two, originally published on February 17 and reprinted below: “This Old House Insider.” Please note, as we later pointed outThis Old House Insider subsequently revised its introductory page to include pricing.

This Old House Insider is a new subscription streaming service offering 24 seasons of This Old House (more than 500 episodes), 15 seasons of Ask This Old House (more than 350 episodes), live Q&A sessions with show experts and live webcam views of current projects, as well as 22 years of This Old House magazine (more than 200 issues).

Charter subscribers also get a “crew t-shirt” (valued at $26) and discount offers for such retailers as Homeclick.

How much does all this cost? Now, that’s a good question. Visiting www.thisoldhouse.com/learn gets you all the information above and lots of invitations for …you guessed it…a 30-day free trial – but nothing about how much you’ll be charged once your trial ends.

So we decided to start filling out the registration forms to find out. First, we created an account, including providing a t-shirt size. Then, voila! The cost turned out to be $6.97 a month, with an annual payment of $83.64 to be charged to our credit card.

We didn’t subscribe, but if you’re a home improvement fanatic, a continual fixer-upper, or just an avid viewer of the two TV series, This Old House Insider just might be the perfect streaming service for you.

This Old House Insider trailer:

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