Bill Nye: World Saver

Bill Nye, the Science Guy, is back to save the world again.

The second season of his Emmy-nominated series Bill Nye Saves the World returns to Netflix this Friday, December 29, with six new episodes exploring everything from cyber security to time travel.

Season two will include a new segment, “#BillMeetsScienceTwitter,” in which “Nye showcases the incredible work from scientists he met on Twitter.” Special Twitter guests will include “a doctor who generates computer simulations of space and time, a math oncologist trying to match patients with the right treatments, and a doctor studying how our brains regulate sleep.”

Nye,  a bit of celebrity himself (watch his cameo on The Big Bang Theory opposite Bob Newhart’s Professor Proton), will also welcome David Arquette, Drew Carey, Kevin Smith, Kurt Hugo Schneider, OK Go, Scott Kelly, Steve-O, Tim Meadows, Zach Braff, and others, who will take part in sketches, panels and in-the-field segments.

Episode topics follow:

Episode 1: The Marijuana Episode

“Bill visits a cannabis dispensary in Hollywood and takes a trip through hemp history. Kevin Smith and other panelists weigh the pros and cons of weed.”

Episode 2: Your Computer Is Under Attack

“From phishing to malware, Bill uncovers the scams that steal our data. Steve O talks about the time he exposed himself … to hackers.”

Episode 3: We Suck at Sleeping

“In search of better sleep, correspondents seek out NASA scientists and a professional cuddler. Bill busts myths about naps, dreams and turkey.”

Episode 4: Sex, Drugs and Superbugs

“Bill spreads bad news about antibiotic-resistant gonorrhea and other superbugs. Comedian Ali Wong stops by the studio for a glow-in-the-dark demo.”

Episode 5: Extinction: Why All Our Friends Are Dying

“OK Go and Drew Carey help Bill explain extinction, and the panel reveals how scientists could one day bring extinct species back to life.”

Episode 6: How to Travel Through Time

“Bill breaks down the science of time travel with guests Zach Braff, retired astronaut Scott Kelly and the minds behind Star Trek and Lost.”

Fans who binge on those episodes won’t have to wait long for their next Bill Nye fix. Another six episodes in season two will debut in 2018.

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