#3: Roman’s ‘Day Dreams’

This week, we’re counting down the The Savvy Screener‘s five most popular stories of 2017. Number three, originally published on November 13, is “Roman’s ‘Day Dreams.'” Internet sensation Roman Atwood introduced a YouTube Red reality series about helping his fans in need. The article is presented in its entirety below:

Roman Atwood, the high-energy YouTube star known for all sorts of hijinks involving family and friends, will launch a YouTube Red series on Wednesday, November 22.

Roman Atwood’s Day Dreams features the eponymous star and a team of volunteers travelling the world “giving deserving fans a surprise of a lifetime.” In the debut episode, Atwood arranges for a Los Angeles teen in a wheelchair to meet and train with his idol Aaron Fortheringham, the freestyle wheelchair (WCMX) athlete who performs stunts adapted from skateboarding and BMX. Fortheringham is said to have landed the first-ever backflip in a wheelchair.

In a future episode, Roman will create a giant glow-in the-dark wave pool using millions of glow sticks for Make-A-Wish Kids.

YouTube Red costs $9.99 a month, with a free one-month trial. YouTube Red subscribers will also be able to stream Day Dreams via YouTube Kids, a free app for iOS or Android.

Atwood’s free YouTube channel, RomanAtwoodVlogs, has more than 13.7 million subscribers. There you can watch the caffeinated star update fans on his latest family developments, as well as engage in a range of antics.

Here’s a recent entry:

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