#4: Weary Druggists

Number four in our countdown of the The Savvy Screener’s five most popular stories of 2017 is “Weary Drug Dealers.” Like number five “Prescription Laughs,” this article focuses on Amazon’s new comedy series,Vials. The story, originally published on September 25, is reprinted below.

Try walking one mile in a pharmacist’s smock.

That’s the perspective of Vials, described as the “first comedy series about pharmacists, techs and interns … as they fill vials for their sometimes vile customers.”

The show, scheduled to debut Thanksgiving Day, November 23, on Amazon Prime, focuses on the daily travails of “the staff of Gateway Drug and Surgical, a local pharmacy run by the ornery pharmacist Rich who must contend with unruly customers, a possible corporate takeover, his rebellious daughter Lisa, the arrogant technician Joe, and Doug, the timid intern.”

According to creator Michael Carl Jude, Vials “will tackle everything from Xanax and the Opioid crisis to healthcare reform and even the infamous Martin Shkreli.”

Joe’s opening narration for this trailer: “The life of a drug dealer always looked more glamorous than this.”

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