Wrongfully Convicted?

(Above: Ahmad Adisa in ‘Alibi and Faith.’ Source:Vimeo screenshot)

Ahmad Adisa is serving a life sentence for killing boxer Ray Lathon in an execution-style shooting in St. Louis in 2000.

Adisa’s conviction, it seems, was based on false testimony.

A team of Northwestern University undergraduate students, as part of the Medill Justice Project, conducted a 10-week investigation, interviewing witnesses, authorities and others about the case.

In the resulting 20-minute documentary, Alibi and Faith, central eyewitness Michael Stuart recants his trial testimony, saying he framed Adisa because he was upset with him. Stuart now regrets that his lies “pretty much ruined (Aidsa’s) life.”

The documentary features four other witnesses who corroborate Adisa’s alibi.

“This investigation raises serious questions about Adisa’s conviction,” said Northwestern University Professor Alec Klein, director of The Medill Justice Project, who supervised the students’ work. “It’s rare to capture a key eyewitness on camera admitting that everything he said was a lie — and that lie helped put a person in prison for life.”

It remains to be seen whether the documentary’s revelations will result in Adisa’s eventual exoneration.

The Medill Justice Project, founded at Northwestern University in 1999, “examines potentially wrongful convictions, probes systemic criminal justice issues and conducts groundbreaking research.”

You can watch the documentary at medilljusticeproject.org or right here:

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