Millennial Streaming

Millennials are subscribing to subscription streaming services “at eye-popping rates,” according to an annual consumer video survey from industry consulting firm Altman Vilandrie & Company.

Nearly 75% of 18-34-year-olds watch TV shows and movies through paid online subscription services such as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime at least once a week. More than 40% watch daily.

Younger viewers also tend to have multiple accounts: 78% of 18-34-year-olds subscribe to at least one streamer, 55% more than one, and 5% have five or more.

“Young viewers are both actively and passively gravitating toward online sources,” said Altman Vilandrie & Company Director Jonathan Hurd, who oversaw the survey. “In addition to hoarding multiple online accounts, we found that among younger viewers, the age-old tradition of channel surfing has evolved into online program surfing.”

When viewers want to surf for a show, 77% of 18-24-year-olds choose online video over broadcast or pay TV.  Among viewers 55 and older, 65% surf traditional TV.

Other survey findings include:

  • Online viewing has “grown significantly” among all ages over the last six years, with over 80% of those under 35 now doing so at least weekly;
  • Since 2013, smartphone-based consumption of TV shows and movies has remained the same for owners under 35 but has increased 70% for those 55 and older;
  • Over the past four years, the amount of time tablet owners spend watching shows and movies on their devices has decreased. In 2017, 18-34-year-olds are more likely to watch at least weekly on a laptop (58%) rather than a tablet (47%).

Earlier this week, Ooyala reported that people are watching more long-form content (over 20 minutes) on their mobile devices.


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