Therapy Shocker

(Above: Katy Colloton in ‘The Scarapist’)

Psychotherapy is in for some rough treatment in The Scarapist, a thriller that purports to be “based on the horrifying true story of an abusive hypnotherapist located in Los Angeles.”

The Scarapist “exposes the dark side of hypnosis, with an evil therapist who prefers controlling to curing, where her own demons turn her into a new kind of villain – one who perverts the tenets of the New Age pseudo-spirituality she preaches.”

Naked’s Jeanne Marie Spicuzza, who also wrote the screenplay and co-directed, is Lana, “a suburban novelist with career and family problems.” She “is seduced into ‘therapy’ by the disturbed and possessed therapist, Ilse,” played by Teacher’s Katy Colloton. Colloton’s “patient minions,” including Sweenie (Michael Gull), “assist in terrorizing Lana, Lana’s daughter and husband (Kyle Walsh).”

Synthian Sharp co-directed.

The Scarapist is available starting at $3.99 from Google Play, YouTube and other providers.

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