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The Eyeslicer, a non-stop “mixtape” of genre-spanning, short-form videos blended into 10 hour-long “variety show” episodes, has begun streaming for free. Here’s a trailer (warning: contains explicit content):

If that whets your appetite for more, visit and enter SAVVYSLICE (in all caps) to unlock the first eight episodes. Another new episode will premiere a week from today on Wednesday, December 13, and then the final episode in two weeks on December 20.

What can you expect to see? “From vérité documentary to amateur computer animation; surreal horror to remix video art; apocalyptic high school yearbooks to Sasquatch birth rituals; time-traveling cats to live web streams of your own birth — if it sounds too strange for television, chances are you’ll see it on The Eyeslicer,” say the producers.

Très moderne? Well, then we direct your attention to Luis Bunuel’s 1929 short surrealist film, Un Chien Andalou, whose eye-slicing scene (below) we suspect is the inspiration for The Eyeslicer’s title:

The Eyeslicer segments claim many directors: David Lowery (A Ghost Story), Amy Seimetz (Sun Don’t Shine), the Zellner Brothers (Kumiko the Treasure Hunter), Shaka King (Newlyweeds), Calvin Reeder (The Rambler), Lauren Wolkstein and Christopher Radcliff (The Strange Ones), Celia Rowlson Hall (Ma), Frances Bodomo (Afronauts), and over 40 others.

Dan Schoenbrun and Vanessa McDonnell are the series’ creators and producers; they previously worked together on the 2016 drama anthology Collective: Unconscious, now streaming on Netflix and Sundance Now.

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