Get Some ‘Shut Eye’

(Above: Jeffrey Donovan as Charlie Haverford in ‘Shut Eye’)

Shut Eye, a dark comedy about a failed magician and conman overseeing fortune-telling parlors for a Romani kingpin, debuts a second, 10-episode season today on Hulu.

Jeffrey Donovan stars as Charlie Haverford, a fake clairvoyant who starts having what may be real visions – or at least insights – thanks to a kick to the head.

In the second season, Haverford and his wife and fellow con-artist Linda, played by KaDee Strickland, continue to have trust issues. Linda has doubts about “her husband’s ‘plan’ to save their lives and livelihood” and to escape the clutches of the Marks family’s psychic empire, which includes Fonso (Angus Sampson) and Rita (Isabella Rossellini), as well as gangster Eduardo Bernal (David Zayas). At the same time, Haverford “continues to attempt to make sense of his visions.”

John Shiban, who worked on shows such as X-Files, as well as AMC’s Hell on Wheels and Breaking Bad, is showrunner and executive producer for the second season.

You can stream both seasons now with a Hulu subscription.

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