‘The Crown’ Season 2

(Above: Claire Foy as Queen Elizabeth II in ‘The Crown’)

The Crown, the Golden Globe-winning series about Queen Elizabeth II’s reign, debuts a second, 10-episode season this Friday, December 8, on Netflix.

In the first season, Elizabeth (Claire Foy, who also won a Globe) ascended to the throne following the death of her father, King George VI (Jared Harris). The season tracked the early days of her rule, including fatherly interactions with Winston Churchill (John Lithgow), government pressure to thwart sister Princess Margaret’s (Vanessa Kirby) efforts to marry a divorcee, and a strained marriage with husband Prince Philip (Matt Smith).

The new season begins with Britain fighting “an illegal war in Egypt and [ends] with the downfall of her third prime minister, Harold Macmillan, after a devastating scandal.”

The Crown, based on the play The Audience, was created and written by Peter Morgan, who also wrote the screenplay for Frost/Nixon. Stephen Daldry directed and Andy Harries produced.

You can view season two this Friday at netflix.com/thecrown.

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