David Cassidy, 1950-2017

(Above: David Cassidy at The Plaza, New York, 1972. Photo by Allan Warren, under Creative Commons license.)

All obits of David Cassidy, who died yesterday at 67, must start with his legacy as an early 1970s teen idol.

So here, from The Partridge Family (ABC, 1970-1974), is David Cassidy, the singing, guitar-playing, comedic actor:

That song, “I Can Feel Your Heartbeat,” achieved renewed fame last year after being featured on FX’s American Horror Story.

For more of The Partridge Family, which is unavailable for streaming, you can tune to over-the-air channel Antenna TV for two episodes weekdays at 1 pm ET. But not until Monday, since Antenna TV has already started its five-day All in the Family marathon.

After The Partridge Family turned Cassidy into a superstar, he earned an Emmy nomination for his 1978 role as an undercover cop in an episode of NBC’s Police Story titled “One Chance to Live.” Here’s David Cassidy, serious dramatic actor:

That role earned Cassidy his own NBC series, aptly titled David Cassidy: Man Undercover. It lasted only 10 episodes during the 1978-1979 season. Here’s the final show, perhaps also aptly titled, “Death Is a Close Friend, Too”:

Cassidy’s next series, 30 years later, also lasted just 10 episodes. Here’s the 2009 ABC Family (now Freeform) sitcom Ruby & The Rockits, featuring David as a former pop star:


Among his other achievements, two years later, Cassidy was “fired” by Donald Trump in the first episode of The Apprentice’s 11th NBC season:

Finally, let’s return to his teen idol days with The David Cassidy Story, a 2000 NBC biopic starring Andrew Kavovit:



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