Olympic’s ‘Foul Play’

Foul Play, a documentary series exploring religion, gender and race in Olympic sports history, has launched on the Olympic Channel with The Margaret Lambert Story.

In 1936, Lambert, then named Gretel Bergmann and a top German high jumper, was barred from competing in the Berlin Olympic Games because she was Jewish. She fled to the US where she won the national high jumping title in 1937 and 1938 (and also the shotputting title in 1937).

Lambert died earlier this year at the age of 103, after being interviewed for the new half-hour documentary.

You can stream Foul Play: The Margaret Lambert Story free on the Olympic Channel, which said it will announce the subjects of two more Foul Play episodes during the coming months.

Lambert was previously the subject of a hour-long 2004 HBO documentary, Hitler’s Pawn – The Margaret Lambert Story, and a 2009 German drama, Berlin ‘36:

You can watch the Olympic Channel free at olympicchannel.com, or via iOS and Android apps.

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2 thoughts on “Olympic’s ‘Foul Play’”

  1. Good article and “Foul Play: The Margaret Lambert Story” on the Olympic channel was interesting and well done.

    I have tried to purchase, without success, a copy of the HBO documentary, “Hitler’s Pawn – The Margaret Lambert Story.” Do you know how I can purchase a copy of the HBO documentary. They don’t list it for purchase and don’t respond to inquiries. I have wanted to show it to my children for years. It was very well done.


    • Tom,
      Glad you enjoyed the article. We weren’t able to locate any source for the “Hitler’s Pawn” movie. Perhaps one our readers can help!


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