Excelina: ‘Bad Actress’

(Pictured above: Excelina in ‘Bad Actress.’ Source: YouTube screenshot.)

Columbia’s Excelina is the Bad Actress in a new comedy that’s premiered on Amazon.

Excelina (Ordonez) plays Valentina who leaves her small village in Colombia for Miami to fulfill her “destiny” of becoming a star and then encounters obstacles along her quest. Parts of the movie were filmed on location in Colombia, Miami and Cannes.

Bad Actress also stars Michael Gibb, son of Barry Gibb of the Bee Gees, in his first film role.

Amazon Prime subscribers can see Bad Actress for free, and anyone can rent it from Amazon Video for $2.99.

But don’t confuse this Bad Actress with another comedy sporting the same title: the 2011 Bad Actress, starring Beth Broderick. That comedy can also be rented from Amazon, for $3.99.

If you’d like more Excelina, Amazon is again your answer. Her 2013 film Exposure, starring Corey Feldman, is also now available to Prime subscribers free, or to others for a $2.99 rental. In a familiar-sounding plot, this one’s about a young girl who travels to Miami to become a model and then encounters obstacles. But it’s a suspense thriller, not a comedy.


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