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(Pictured above: Charlie Chaplin in ‘City Lights,’  free to stream from Kanopy)

Here’s a compelling reason to get or renew your library card – Kanopy.

If you haven’t already heard of Kanopy, it’s a free service streaming more than 26,000 films and TV shows through participating local libraries and higher education campuses worldwide.

Founded in 2008 in Australia as a seller of DVDs, Kanopy has since morphed into a San Francisco-based streamer.

Here’s a mere sampling of the Kanopy collection:

Francois Truffault’s ‘The 400 Blows’

There are thousands of other films and shows in such categories as drama, horror, romance, comedy, LGBTQ, arts and science fiction, as well as countless educational and instructional titles. If you’re looking for recommendations, Kanopy offers them under staff picks.

Kanopy allows you to view up to 10 films per month, with three days to watch each title. Once you have reached your quota, you won’t be able to play any more movies until the next month.

Finally, independent filmmakers can submit their projects directly to Kanopy to be considered for inclusion in its catalog.

You can watch Kanopy’s catalog online, or via Roku, iOS and Android apps.

To see if your library participates, visit Kanopy’s help center. If it doesn’t, you can submit a request for its inclusion.


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