‘Man from Outer Space’

(Pictured above:Christopher Mychael Watson in ‘The Man from Outer Space. Source: Indican Pictures)

The Man from Outer Space, perhaps best described as a science fiction adventure feature inside a family drama, is now available on Amazon.

Kevin Hart’s Guide to Black History’s Christopher Mychael Watson is Louis, whose efforts to write a science-fiction script in one weekend “widens the gulf between (him) and his already agitated wife and young daughter.” As Louis “imagines himself … a futuristic astronaut from Mars who crash lands on a desolate earth,” his “family struggles with his absence from their lives.” Torn among his roles as “dedicated husband and father, a heartfelt screenwriter, and an adventurous astronaut fight,” Louis considers “giving up on either his family, his artistic integrity, or a successful career.“


Erica Auerbach plays Louis’ wife Alyssa; Aliyah Conley is his daughter Makayla. ​Ben Hall wrote and directed. Indican Pictures is the distributor.

You can stream The Man from Outer Space for $4.99 on Amazon.

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