‘Meow Manor’

(Source: Nútíminn via YouTube screenshot)

UP TV has done it.

The family-friendly cable network will take cat clickbait to its inevitable conclusion with a 24/7, multi-camera, online livestream of felines. All kitties all the time.

Meow Manor is “just like that show where you watch a bunch of people who live together in a house…but with cats” who, unlike their human counterparts, are disarmingly unselfconscious. Three frisky sibling kittens from Iceland – Grimur Grimsson, Olafia and Pawel – have the run of “the poshest kitty mansion this side of Beverly Hills.”

Starting this Wednesday, November 8, at 8 pm ET, UP TV will air Meow Manor episodes that curate the most entertaining parts of the cats’ on-camera week (presumably eliminating most of the 14-hours per day that cats typically sleep.) The episodes will repeat Saturdays at 11 pm.  You can also expect Meow Manor: Keeping Up With The Kattarshians, a “fun, parody-style featurettes” with the kittens. Fine Line Productions will produce the parody. UP TV did not provide an availability date for its website livestream.

Actually, Meow Manor originally launched in Iceland as Keeping Up with the Kattarshians. A local shelter and humane society teamed with the news site Nútíminn to stage the show to find homes for stray cats. Every few weeks, as new kittens found families, new tenants arrived at Kattarshian manor in hopes of adoption.

Soon the show was picked up by a local Icelandic cable station. It then became a global internet sensation.

You can watch The Kattarshians now at kattarshians.tv, or right here:

If you’re thinking of adopting a cat, check out the Humane Society and ASPCA.

Last we checked, the Kattarshians were in snuggled bliss.

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