‘Meat Free Monday’

(‘National Geographic’ Editor in Chief Susan Goldberg discusses ‘Meat Free Monday’ with Paul McCartney. Copyright: ‘National Geographic’)

Paul McCartney, the founder of Meat Free Monday, chatted with National Geographic Editor in Chief Susan Goldberg to promote a new documentary short supporting the campaign that encourages reduced meat consumption.

The film, One Day a Week, features the musician’s daughters Mary and Stella McCartney, along with actors Emma Stone and Woody Harrelson, who “share facts about the impact of livestock agriculture on climate change.”

One Day a Week is scheduled for release tomorrow, November 3, on the Meat Free Monday YouTube page.

“Meat Free Monday encourages people to not eat meat at least one day a week with the hope that if enough people do it and the idea spreads, it will make a difference,” said McCartney. “My film, One Day a Week, aims to raise awareness of this important issue and show people that if we all join together in this effort, we can help improve the environment, reduce the negative impacts of climate change, and even improve people’s health. ”

During his interview with Goldberg, McCartney also talks about the inspiration for his 1968 Beatles hit “Lady Madonna”: A 1965 National Geographic magazine article featuring a photo by Howard Sochurek of a woman surrounded by three small children, one of them nursing.

You can watch McCartney’s interview with Goldberg here:


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