Scooby Doobie

(Pictured above: Alex Marin as Doobie. Source: YouTube screenshot)

Cheech and Chong meet Hanna-Barbera.

That’s the concept behind Where Are We?, a short comedy that parodies the popular Scooby Doo cartoon series.

Where Are We? features a van full of ghost hunters (including one who kind of thinks he’s a dog) who get high on mysteries and weed. The cast includes Luke Ostermiller as Stoney, Adrian Eledge as Red, Cali June as Daisy, Tamika Caldwell as Valarie, and Alex Marin as Doobie.

Loste Films has released the short, complete with laugh track, as “a proof of concept for a television series which is currently in development.”

Ostermiller directed and produced Where Are We? and shares writing credit with Eledge.

You can view Where Are We? right here:

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