Prime Game Show Time

Amazon Prime subscribers who are also Family Feud fans can now feast on classic episodes featuring the Feud’s first three hosts: Richard Dawson (1980), Ray Combs (1988) and Louis Anderson (1999).

To stream 20 shows from each host, visit, where you’ll also find 300 episodes of 15 other classic game shows courtesy of the Buzzr channel. These include two versions of Card Sharks (1978, with Jim Perry, and 1986, with Bob Eubanks), two vintage black-and-white shows (What’s My Line?, from 1955, and I’ve Got a Secret, from 1961), and, in alphabetical order: Beat the Clock (1979), Blockbusters (1981), Body Language (1985), Child’s Play (1983), Double Dare (1976-1977), Match Game 75, Match Game 78, Password Plus (1979), Press Your Luck (1984), Super Password (1984) and Tattletales (1974).

As for Family Feud, if you’d prefer to watch the current version hosted by Steve Harvey, you’ll need to enter your zip code at to find your local over-the-air station.

Here, from 1976, is the very first episode of the long-running series:

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