‘Cyberchase’ Halloween

(Pictured above: The Hacker, voiced by Christopher Lloyd, from ‘Cyberchase’)

PBS Kids launches season 11 of the animated/live action series Cyberchase today with a Halloween-themed episode called “Watts of Halloween Trouble.”

In the season premiere, “the dastardly Hacker plans to keep Jackie, Matt, and Inez out of cyberspace by crashing Motherboard’s portal system. But when the bumbling Buzz and Delete make a mistake, the portal system crashes too late, and the kids and Digit are trapped on the R-Fair City amusement park site! Now, the kids must find enough energy to power Digit’s portal rebooter and keep the park going…  And can they get back to Earth again?”

Cyberchase, which features the indelible voices of Christopher Lloyd as The Hacker and Gilbert Gottfried as Digit, follows youngsters who travel through cyberspace using the power of math to defeat evil.  The series was created “to inspire children ages 6-8 to approach math with enthusiasm, confidence and a ‘can-do’ attitude-and shows kids that math is everywhere, and everyone can be good at it.”

Bianca DeGroat and Matt Wilson return in their roles as Bianca and Harry for the live-action, Cyberchase For Real segments. They will be joined by new cast members Courtney Chu and Jaden Michael.

Cyberchase is available over-the-air on local PBS stations nationwide, and on the PBS Kids’ 24-hour over-the-air channelwebsitevideo app and YouTube channel.

If you’re unfamiliar with Cyberchase, here’s the first episode from season 9:


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