‘Black Widows’ Invasion

(Pictured above: ‘Black Widows,’ Vudu/Vimeo version. Source: YouTube screenshot)

ABC has reportedly teamed with Leonardo DiCaprio’s production company Appian Way and Vampire Diaries’ showrunner Caroline Dries to develop a “soapy, sexy thriller” based on a Scandinavian series, Black Widows.

Unless you’re allergic to subtitles, though, you can get a taste of what may be coming by binging all 16 episodes of the original crime drama, from 2016 and 2017, starting today on subscription service Acorn TV.

Here’s an untranslated trailer:

But wait! The Scandinavian series wasn’t even the true original. It was based on a 2014 Finnish series, whose first season of 12 episodes can be seen free with ads on Vudu (12 episodes, 2014) or rented without ads on Vimeo. A second season ran in Finland in 2016, but is not yet available in the US.

Here’s a subtitled trailer:

Confused? Thought Finland was part of Scandinavia? Apparently not! So the Acorn version has Swedish, Norwegian and Danish actresses playing the show’s three murderous widows, while in the Vudu/Vimeo version, they’re all Finnish.

But wait again! We’re not yet done with the Black Widows. In addition to the second season of the Finnish Black Widows and the first season of the Scandinavian Black Widows, 2016 also brought us an American film comedy, Black Widows. It again features three women but we don’t think it’s related with the others. Everybody speaks English, btw, and you can stream it on Amazon Prime.



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