‘Guilty Party’ Revealed

(Pictured above: Cast of ‘Guilty Party’)

Who stole Emma Wilson’s diary?

Guilty Party, the weekly mystery series about a popular group of teens suspected of stealing a friend’s diary and posting it on prom night for all to see, will reveal the culprit in the season finale October 24.

Throughout the season, the lead characters, during regular episodes and via individual vlogs, floated their own theories. This Tuesday, the speculation will be over.

The cast includes YouTube stars Tiffany Alvord, Teala Dunn, Kian Lawley, Miles McKenna, Jessie Paege and Alexis G. Zall, plus Manolo Vergara (Sofia’s son).

Guilty Party, which comes from AT&T Hello Lab, will also run later this year over AT&T’s multi-channel DirectTV Now subscription streaming service.

You can watch the finale – and catch up on the series – on YouTube.

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