‘Why We Fight’

(Pictured above: Zac “Kid Yamaka” Wohlman. Source: YouTube screenshot)

Ronda Rousey, the first female bantamweight UFC champion and one of the biggest names in mixed martial arts, is executive producer for a docuseries debuting today on go90.

Why We Fight focuses on the personal and professional journey of Zac “Kid Yamaka” Wohlman, a welterweight boxer and Golden Glove winner who battles a painkiller addiction “so he can return to the ring a better fighter and better person.”

Eight 45-minute episodes will follow Wohlman on an “emotional and physical roller coaster” as he “encounters fellow warriors who have their own issues and reasons for stepping into the ring.”


The first episode takes Zac to Tijuana, Mexico “to study the art of boxing,” while also examining his opioid addiction. You can stream it free on go90’s Complex channel.

Why We Fight is produced by Dirty Robber and Religion of Sports.

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1 thought on “‘Why We Fight’”

  1. Incredibly well done. Zac has a gift for relating to other fighters by bringing the dialogue into the most human terms of pride, family, success, and accomplishment. In some ways the personalized story reminds me of a great film, Hoop Dreams” I wish you great success.
    … of note as a physician I sometimes feel guilty that I enjoy watching boxing because of its brutality and long term effects and also that it frequently involves those who are often neglected educationally and financially. It however is perhaps the ultimate challenge of dedication and talent. Love to hear back…


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