Slacker Sextuplets

Season two of Mr. Osomatsu, a comedic anime series based on a classic Japanese manga of the 1960s (“Osomatsu-san”) , is now running free at Viz Media ( New episodes premiere every Tuesday.

The original manga was about mischievous sextuplet ten-year-olds. In the new series, they’ve aged 10 years but haven’t changed much; they’re now 20-something slackers. Here’s a video synopsis:

The subtitled second season episodes are available on Viz soon after premiering on TV Tokyo in Japan. We’re not sure how many episodes are involved, but season one consisted of 12 episodes. You can stream that season for free, with ads, on Crunchyroll (go to and click on the “oldies” tab). But, notes Crunchyroll, “Due to a decision by the anime’s production committee, episode one is no longer available.”  Here it is nonetheless:

The preceding video opens with characters from an earlier anime version of Osomatsu-san.  Two series based on the manga were produced in the late ’60s and late ’80s, but have apparently never been translated into English.


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